GRAYSON COUNTY, TX- Some Grayson County schools are dealing with an itchy pest. More than half a dozen students say they’ve come home from school with what is believed to be super lice. These tiny little blood suckers can make you cringe.

Experts say they blend in with your kids hair shaft and lay eggs.
So far a nurse in the Denison School District says this year up to eight students have been sent home with the bugs. The problem lice technicians say is due to over the counter medicines not working. Parents battle the bugs over and over and with the school in session, the bugs jump on even more students. One parent we spoke with says all five of her kids battled the super lice.

“I had tried prescriptions. I tried everything over the counter. Every special comb there was with no luck,” said Tabitha Rushing.
Sherman resident Tabitha Rushing says for eight months her family was plagued by super lice.
“All my kids have really beautiful hair. All my girls. Thick, lovely hair but it’s pain when it comes to getting lice out,” said Rushing.

Lice technician and owner of “Gone for Good Head Lice Removal,” Allison Myers says head lice is 100% resistant to over the counter treatments in the state of Texas.
“Lice treatments are no longer effective. Kind of like how we become antibiotic resistant, lice has become resistant to the pesticide,” said Myers.
Myers says lice has and will always be there, but trying to treat the bugs alone is doing more damage.
“From the ending of last school year, and dealing with lice through the summer, I think what I’m seeing most is when parents try to do it themselves, it’s taking so much longer and now we’re into the school year and they’ve bled that into the school year,” said Myers.
But there is help out there with something lice aren’t resistant to.
“They don’t really like mint or tea tree oils and stuff like that,” said Myers.
Myers sells the oils and comes into your home for treatments. Rushing says that’s what helped her family overcome the super lice.
“I’ll never mess with it again myself,” said Rushing.
Lice likes everyone. If anyone in your home did catch it, it’s best to get yourself checked for the bug.
For more tips and information or if you need help with lice, you can check out the website below.
Or call 214-613-1551